Recently, our team decided to take stock of past interactions and feedback to determine where we could improve our support infrastructure in order to deliver the best UniFi experience possible. Our ticketing system plays a critical role in making good on that promise, so we’ll be introducing some changes to make ticket submission easier and more efficient.

You’ve likely already noticed the biggest change to ticket submission: where it’s done. Now, support tickets can be created directly within your UniFi OS Portal and applications, instead of just System issues are frustrating, especially when they’re unexpected, so we’ve made it a top priority to reduce the time it takes to get the help you need—and that starts with no longer asking you to go outside of the platform for assistance.

We also evaluated our ticket resolution practices to identify stages where user-agent correspondence was too staggered and gradual, and that brought us to support files. Previously, these would be requested retroactively if an agent required more system details, but we determined that the diagnostic process would be much quicker if our agents had as much information as possible at the outset of every support interaction.

In an upcoming UniFi OS release, we will introduce automated support file attachment to ensure that each new ticket gives us the full picture without excessive back-and-forth between a user and agent. This also allows our developers to quickly identify core instigating issues and expedite needed system and application improvements.

These ongoing refinements to ticket submission will create a more convenient support experience for you while also allowing our agents and developers to resolve troubleshooting scenarios in the fastest, most comprehensive way possible.

If you’ve already submitted a support ticket through our new UniFi OS-based engine and would like to share your experience, we’d love to hear from you on the Ubiquiti Community forum. Also, be sure to check this feed periodically for more updates on new UniFi products, services, and advancements.