Patch, Protect, Insure: ESET Introduces Proactive Vulnerability And Patch Management

Keeping your company safe from potential vulnerabilities is not only better for business, it also makes it easier to obtain protective cyber insurance. In today’s digital landscape, cybersecurity remains top of mind for all organisations, whatever their size and wherever they are on their digital transformation journey. Naturally, this means that cyber insurance has become an important […]

Ticket Submission Moves to UniFi OS to Streamline Support

Recently, our team decided to take stock of past interactions and feedback to determine where we could improve our support infrastructure in order to deliver the best UniFi experience possible. Our ticketing system plays a critical role in making good on that promise, so we’ll be introducing some changes to make ticket submission easier and […]

Microsoft Teams Premium: Cut costs and add AI-powered productivity

As we face economic uncertainties and changes to work patterns, organizations are searching for ways to optimize IT investments and re-energize employees to achieve business results. Now—more than ever—organizations need solutions to adapt to change, improve productivity, and reduce costs. Fortunately, modern tools powered by AI hold the promise to boost individual, team, and organizational-level […]